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Wine Tasting Fundraiser      
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Wish Requests: Wish requests include diversionary activities and gifts for seriously ill children up to the age of 21. These "fun" requests have included celebrity "meet and greets," Broadway shows, cameras, gaming systems, concert tickets with limo rides, computers, and shopping sprees.

Special Requests: Special requests address essential, practical needs of seriously ill children up to the age of 21. These requests help to create better lives for children who might otherwise not be able to live at home. Examples of special requests include but are not limited to: wheelchair ramps, electrical upgrades to accommodate portable ventilator, air conditioners, and medical equipment not covered by insurance.

Recycled Furniture/Clothing: Gently used furniture and clothing items are collected and distributed at no cost to those in need.

Other: Some examples of additional needs that are often met include summer camp memberships, community service requirements, and educational devices for developmentally disabled children.



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Cherished Creations'
Grand Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Friday, March 29, 2019
The Grand Summit Hotel
Summit, NJ

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Learn how your donation changes the lives of deserving recipients.

Cherished Creations has been a gift to our young adults that fall outside of the age limit of other wish organizations. It has filled a gap in the wish department, being able to grant wishes for people older than 18. Our teens and young adults that have received wishes are thrilled and appreciative of Cherished Creations. Many thanks for the smiles you help create.  Read more


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